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Setting default number formatting

Find out how to set your default number formats for each of your measures in Tableau

Date scaffolding in Tableau

If you've ever got stuck with Tableau trying to show how many items were in a certain state on each day, week or month follow this lesson on utilising date scaffolding in Tableau.

Copy and paste data into Tableau

Find out how you can copy data from any data source including Excel and paste it straight into Tableau

Create a custom date picker

Follow this free lesson on how to create a customised date picker in Tableau

Building a heat grid in Tableau

Heat grids are a great way of comparing the results of any value to any other value, in this tutorial we show you how to create a heat grid in Tableau.

Create your first dashboard

Follow through this hands on course to build your first interactive dashboard in Tableau with step by step instructions

Drag and drop data into Tableau

Find out how you can drag and drop any data file straight into Tableau

Connecting to data in Tableau

Find out how to connect to any data source in Tableau

Connecting to Excel data in Tableau

Find out how to get data from Excel into Tableau and how to connect to Microsoft Excel data sources

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I set up the Tableau Academy to share the expertise, tips and tricks I've learned across hundreds of projects and to provide a self paced learning pathway for Tableau that empowers you to learn at your own pace and get real, practical experience of developing a wide variety of solutions in Tableau and to be able to demonstrate your knowledge and skills.

I'm passionate about helping everyone develop data and analysis skills which are crucial in todays environment and sharing my knowledge and expertise gained from many roles from a junior analyst all they to way developing and implementing business intelligence strategies from scratch.

I also share news, inspiration and tips in tricks in my semi regular Tableau Tea Break newsletter, and also share global Tableau job opportunities over at Tableau Jobs.


"Tableau Academy has given our Tableau Creators an invaluable way to build their Tableau skills and discover just how much they can do with Tableau. The hands on lessons have been fantastic and we've seen a huge improvement in the design and use of our internal dashboards and reports!"

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"The best source I've come across for gaining lots of useful skills across the Tableau ecosystem, each course includes tips and tricks that are applicable in your daily work as well as insight into related topics. The team are very helpful and responsive and even added one of my requested courses!"

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"I recently started a new role using Tableau and only had minimal experience learned from You Tube videos. Tableau Academy has been awesome in getting me up to speed and has helped me become the go to person for Tableau at work! I'd recommend it to anyone and have encouraged all of my colleagues to sign up too!"

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