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Unlimited Tableau dev vs. other solutions

In House




Short Term Cost


Long Term Cost

Very Expensive

Monthly Cost

£4,500 - £7,500
(Salary + Overhead)
£7,000 - £9,000
from £1,599

Hiring & Admin

Very Easy

Hiring / Onboarding Time

3 Months +
1 Months +
< 48 Hours

Flexibility & Commitment

Long Term Commitment
Prefer Long Term Contracts
Longer Commitment for Lower Rates
Complete Flexibility, No Commitment

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What do we do and what don't we do


Creating new Tableau reports or dashboards from scratch.

Developing existing Tableau dashboards, eg. adding charts, functionality, filters and dashboards.

Optimising and improving existing reports and dashboards.

Migrating existing reports to Tableau.

Automating reports in Tableau.

Dashboard and report design including creating and applying brand templates and best practices.

Connecting to and basic joins/unioning of data from native Tableau connectors within Tableau Desktop, Public, Server or Cloud.


Writing simple queries to collate, join and aggregate data from your existing SQL databases/datawarehouse (Select, Join, Union, Group, Order By or equivalent).

Collating data from files such as Excel, CSV, Google Sheets etc.

Creating Tableau Prep Builder workflows to prepare, clean and transform data for analysis.

Virtual coaching, mentoring and guidance sessions for your Tableau Creator and Explorer license holders.

Virtual training sessions for your Tableau Viewers and end users.

Tableau community and competency development activities covered within Tableau Blueprint

Setting up and running internal user groups

Setting up and running internal training and upskilling programs

Creating informal learning activities such as lunch and learn

Developing your internal communities via intranet sites, blogs, newsletters and forums.

Tableau Server/Cloud admin tasks including adding/removing users in bulk, updating configurations, setting up projects and permissions.

Tableau Server/Cloud monitoring, maintenance and auditing activities as per Tableau Blueprint.

Setting up your Tableau Server/Cloud structure including environments, projects, permissions and governance models.


Virtual business analysis workshops to help define opportunities and challenges within your data and analytics.

Setting up and managing data and analytics projects.

Working with stakeholders virtually to define priorities, provide updates and solve problems.

Virtual requirements gathering workshops to elicit and define requirements for projects.

Project prioritisation and requirements refinement.

Embedding Tableau dashboards in external portals/sites.

Work involving using official Tableau APIs and extensions.


Machine Learning & Artifical Intelligence, data science and statistical analysis (outside of Tableau core functionality).

Data engineering and architecture including data ingestion.

Manual report production and updating, such as weekly MI packs.

Output outside of Tableau except using standard Tableau export/print functionality (e.g. PowerPoint, PDF, Excel etc.)

Creating or sourcing brand new data where source is unknown.

Real time Tableau Server/Cloud admin (e.g. adding users immediately).

On site work and visits.

Adhoc emails, meetings, stand ups, presentations etc.

Maintenance or development on your architecture (e.g. managing underlying servers Tableau runs on).

Building, developing or maintaining custom Tableau Web Data Connectors, extensions, APIs etc.

Web development on portals that have Tableau embedded reports beyond basic HTML, CSS or JavaScript related to functionality of the embedded reports.

Note: This list is designed to help decide if our service is for you and is not exhaustive, if you see something not listed or you're not sure if what you need is included just drop us a note and we'll confirm

How it works

Submit your requests

Add any requests you want us to work with to your unique client portal. You can add, edit and re-order items quickly and easily any time.

Your Tableau expert gets to work

Your Tableau expert picks up the next task at the top of the list and completes your request, then picks the next one up.

Receive your completed request

Once completed you'll receive the finished request directly in your client portal including any required files, data and documentation.


Who is this for? (and who not)

It's a good fit if...

It's not a good fit if...

You trust your Tableau expert to collaborate with you and deliver what you need
You need instant interaction and to micro manage
You have a fairly good idea of what you need and can define your tasks resonably well
You're not really sure what you'd need and would prefer an on site consultant to help shape this
You have data readily available and can provide access to the data
You don't have any data or you're prevented from providing us access to it
You have someone that has a fairly good understanding of your data and can advise on where to source it and how to relate it
You want someone to 'just figure out' the data
You have a reasonably good understanding of the relative priority of your tasks and can order them accordingly
Everything's an urgent priority and you need all of your requirements delivering at once
You have IT support that can provide access to your data and systems pretty quickly
You have a long onboarding process and it takes a long time to get access to required data and systems
Your organisation uses Tableau and you have at least one Tableau Creator license/user within your organisation (note: we use our own licenses for the work we do)
Your organisation doesn't use Tableau or doesn't have at least one Tableau Creator license/user.


Got more questions? Check out our FAQs below

How will you access our data?


This will really depend on which package you go for and your own preferences. For Tableau only work you can simply send us the data file or packaged workbook and we'll work on it from there. If however your data is stored in a database or system that you need us to access there are a couple of options:

1. Data stored in a cloud environment
In this case you can normally just provide us with read access to the data you need us to access, we can then log in to your database/system as just another user though you sometimes may need to configure some security settings but your IT team can advise on this.

2. On premise data, or access only permitted from your network
In this case the easiest way is to provide us with remote access to your network, this can be as simple as a Remote Desktop connection into one of your computers or we can also utilise any VPN, Remote Access or Virtual Machine set up that you have.

In both of the above scenarios you'd need your IT support team to be able to provide access and instructions for accessing your data before we'd be able to use it.

Is my data secure?


We take data security very seriously and treat your data as if it's our own and as any other employee of your organisation would be expected to.

We don't take or keep any local copies of your data, if we need to work on your data locally it's temporarily stored in a cloud environment, typically Google Drive, while we need and is then removed once we've completed the task.

We also never carry out our work for you in public locations (e.g. cafes, shared work spaces etc.) and don't use publicly available/free WiFi networks to complete any of your work.

We're happy to provide you with access to the Google Drive used for your account for you to see what's in it at any time, we're also happy to sign any data security or NDA agreements that you wish.

Can you complete our onboarding process before starting work?


Unfortunately not, we're happy to undertake any onboarding process you may have once you've signed up to a package and are also happy to not undertake any work before this is complete but as we limit the number of clients we work with at one time we unfortunately can't undergo a lengthy onboarding process before you sign up with us.

Where the onboarding process is quick and simple, or if there are data security, privacy or none disclosure agreements you'd like us to sign we're happy to complete these before you sign up with us where they can be completed in under 48 hours.

How do we submit our requests and communicate with you?


We use to manage your requests, once you sign up you'll get access to your own private client portal which allows you to add, review and manage tasks. It's very easy to use and as part of the sign up process we provide full video instructions on how to use your client portal and how to add, edit and prioritise the tasks you'd like us to complete.

Our client portal is the primary way you'll communicate with us and you're able to send and receive updates via email, add videos and files and send/receive messages directly within the client portal.

If you prefer we can also work from your own request management systems if you already have one in place such as Jira, Asana etc.

While we tend to limit the number of meetings and phone calls we have so that we can focus on delivering your work you also have the ability to book online meetings via your portal but please be aware that these count towards your activities.

Can I invite colleagues to add tasks?


Absolutely, you're welcome to add your team members and colleagues to your client portal and they'll have the same access as you.

Do keep in mind that you'll need to agree on the priorities of tasks as your Tableau expert will pick the next tasks at the top of the queue. With that in mind it's probably worth limiting the number of people you invite and making sure your in agreement on who makes the decision on the order of tasks between yourselves.

Is it really unlimited, how does this work?


Absolutely, there's no limit to the amount of tasks you add to your portal and you can add as many as you want. Tasks are worked on individually and once one's completed the next task is picked up and worked on.

In order to bring you qualified Tableau expertise at a fraction of the cost your Tableau expert works across multiple accounts and although their time is spread evenly across these it means there won't be someone working on your tasks 24/7.

What if I need changes or revisions to work?


With unlimited tasks this really isn't an issue, if you change your mind about something once it's delivered or would like something else adding simply create a new task and we'll work on this once it's picked up.

This iterative approach is also highly beneficial to you and your users as it means you get a real deliverable that you can review and see how it works for you rather than having to fully specify exactly what you want well ahead of time. We all know that things change and often what you originally thought you wanted isn't what you needed so we're easily able to continually develop and refine to your requirements.

How many months do I need to sign up for?


It's completely up to you, you're free to cancel or change your package each month so if you only need us for one, three or six months then that's not a problem at all.

You can manage your package online so there's no awkward cancellation process to go through either, simply click cancel or change and it'll end cancel or change at the end of the current month!

Due to the way we work we do limit how many clients we work with at once so do keep in mind if you cancel and want to take the service up again there may not be a free space, to avoid this we also have the option of pausing your account for any months where you don't need it for a reduced fee.

Finally, the longer we work with you the more we get to know your business, data and users which means we're able to deliver more quickly and have a better understanding of what you need. We hope that you'll be with us for the long term but are completely flexible to what you need each month.

Do I get my own dedicated expert?


In order to bring you qualified Tableau expertise at a fraction of the cost our Tableau experts work with multiple clients, while your Tableau expert isn't dedicated to working with you 24/7 we like to keep the same expert working on your account and you'll generally work with the same person. There may however be times when another Tableau expert steps in, this may be because of their own expertise on a given task or to manage times of absence or high workload.

We strictly limit the number of clients each Tableau expert works with to a maximum of five clients at any one time, it's typically less than this but will never be more than five.

Your Tableau expert can work on your tasks throughout the week but to help them to focus on delivering for you they'll tend to prioritise your tasks on a given day and will always aim to deliver tasks on at least a weekly basis.

Do you work with other tools (eg Power BI, Looker, Qlik etc)?


Tableau is our main area of focus and expertise and is what we primarily work with. Our Tableau experts are highly experienced in the field of data analytics and have naturally worked with a number of different tools, vendors and systems so can often help out with these too.

If you have any specific requirements please feel free to reach out to discuss these and we'll see what we can do.

Do you offer standard freelancing or hourly/daily/weekly rates?


We are able to offer a more standard freelancing offering and can also take on shorter term projects though the minimum is usually weekly.

While we're happy to take on these kind of projects they do work out more expensive than our unlimited offering and we don't generally take on work that requires us to be on site or dedicated to a single contract.

If you'd like to discuss a project of this nature please contact us using the form below.

Do I need to allocate you a Tableau license ?


We use our own Tableau Desktop licenses to carry out work for you in Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep builder and don't require you to provide a license key for this.

If you would like us to publish work directly to your Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server environment then you would need to allocate a license on your Tableau site to us as well as a site role and relevant permissions to enable us to access and carry out the required work. This would only be needed at the time we're completing/publishing work for you and you're free to de-allocate the license at other times.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us with any questions, or you can schedule a call using the link below.

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