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Selecting the correct data parts and types in Tableau

This tutorial helps you understand the different date options in Tableau and how to select the date part/type you want without having to change from the default each type

Calculating percentages and proportions

This quick tutorial shows you how you can calculate percentages and proportions of totals in Tableau, for example how to calculate profit margins

Adding dividing lines on Tableau dashboards

Adding borders on dashboards is easy but what if you want to add divider lines to section your content up? Find out how to do this in seconds with this quick tip!

Prevent charts from being clickable or hoverable

Discover a simple trick that you can use to stop users clicking on or hovering over your charts on a Tableau dashboard

Create an employee wellbeing dashboard in Tableau

dashboard design
With remote working becoming more prevalent and mental health having an important focus this course shows you how to build an employee wellbeing dashboard for your organisation.

Build a website analytics dashboard in Tableau

dashboard design
Find out how to create a well designed dashboard to show visitors and usage of your organisations website

Curating a data source in Tableau

Find out how to connect to and prepare a data source in Tableau which you can then publish as a single source of truth for users

Creating a mobile dashboard in Tableau

mobile design
With more and more users consuming dashboards and data on mobile devices it's important to know how to design for a good mobile experience. This course introduces you to Tableaus mobile design features and walks you through creating a mobile dashboard.

Customer and market segmentation analysis in Tableau

Segmentation is an important part of customer or marketing analysis and involves dividing your customers into various segments which can all then be targeted differently, this course takes you through an example to identify your customers that are most likely to purchase your products or services.
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