Copy and paste data into Tableau

Find out how you can copy data from any data source including Excel and paste it straight into Tableau

Did you know that Tableau lets you paste data into it from almost any source? This is often a good way of quickly bringing data into Tableau without connecting to a file and is particularly useful for static data that you don’t expect to change.

The video below shows you how to do this:

And here are the step by step instructions:

  1. In any file containing the data you want simply highlight it and copy the data (using the copy option within the application you’re using or the shortcut CTLR + c on Windows).
  2. Click into an open Tableau Workbook and make sure it’s the active window.
  3. Click CTRL + v (on Windows) and after a few seconds your data appears in Tableau as a new data source!
  4. Tableau automatically creates a temporary file with your data which is deleted when you close your Tableau workbook.
  5. When you save your Tableau workbook a permanent copy of the data is created in your data repository folder.

With this method you’re not creating a connection to your original data source, therefore any changes made in the original data source won’t be reflected in Tableau.

You could make changes in the file containing the copy of the data that Tableau created but we find this method is best suited for bringing in static data that won’t change or if you want to do a quick analysis and don’t need to save your work.

What next?

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