Adding dividing lines on Tableau dashboards

Adding borders on dashboards is easy but what if you want to add divider lines to section your content up? Find out how to do this in seconds with this quick tip!

Adding Divider Lines to a Dashboard in Tableau

Adding a line to a dashboard should be easy, right? It's not immediately obvious how to do this in Tableau as there's no line object available but it's actually really simple, all you need to do is add a Blank object with a height of 1px (or width depending on whether you want a horizontal or vertical line, feel free to edit the height/width to make the line thicker too) and there you go!

Here's a quick video to show it in action:

Step by step instructions to add a divider line to a Tableau dashboard:

  1. Go to your dashboard and click the Dashboard tab in the left pane.
  2. Select a Blank from the Objects pane (make sure your objects are set to floating, or hold shift as you drag it).
  3. Drag and drop the Blank object roughly where you want it to go on your dashboard.
  4. Click the Layout tab in the left pane and set the x and y position to where you want your dividing line (you could drag it to where you want if you prefer).
  5. Set the height to be 1px, or if you prefer a thicker line set it to 2px or higher and then set the width for how wide you want your line to be. For a vertical line you'd do the same but set the width to be 1px and the height be however tall you want your divider to be.
  6. Click Background in the Layout tab and select the colour you want your line to be.
  7. Optionally you can rename the Blank object so you know what it's for. To do so right click the Blank you added in the Item Hierarchy pane, click re-name and call it whatever you want.

And that's it, a dividing line on your dashboard wherever you need it!

Dividing lines are best used to section up your content but use them sparingly and ask yourself does it really need to be there? We often use them to separate the title or navigation area from the main dashboard content to help users scan the dashboard better, be mindful of the colour you use too as a subtle light colour is often all that's needed and don't be afraid to use the transparency option to adjust the visibility of the line too!