Drag and drop data into Tableau

Find out how you can drag and drop any data file straight into Tableau

Did you know that Tableau lets you drag and drop data files directly into Tableau? We find this the easiest method for connecting to data files, simply drag and drop and Tableau does the rest!

The video below shows you how to drag and drop data into Tableau:

And here are the step by step instructions as well:

  1. Locate the data file you want to connect to in Tableau.
  2. Click the file and then drag it and drop it onto the Tableau workspace.
  3. Tableau automatically creates a connection to your file and takes you into the data pane.
  4. If there’s a single worksheet in your file Tableau brings that onto the data pane, if there’s multiple sheets simply drag the one(s) you want as you would when connecting to a file.
  5. Click Sheet 1 in the bottom left corner and your data is available in Tableau for you to start analysing and visualising!

You can do this with any file type supported by Tableau including:

Simply drag the file you want and drop it onto the Tableau workspace to connect to it.

What next?

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