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Tracking item progress (date scaffolding) in Tableau

Tracking progress of items in Tableau can be quite tricky, you'll need a way of automatically creating the data to show what status an item was in on a given date which this course shows you how to do.

Create a Tableau tracker dashboard from Google Sheets

Google Sheets
Find out how you can connect Tableau to Google Sheets to create a live HR tracker dashboard

Building a sales commission model in Tableau

This course shows you how you can use Tableau to create and test a sales commission model and then use it to track sales performance

Clean, prepare and transform data

In the real world a big part of any project is getting your data into an appropriate state ready to analyse it, this course takes you through a real world example of cleaning, preparing and transforming your data.

How to create a simple KPI dashboard in Tableau

Creating and displaying KPIs are a simple but important part of building out your companies reporting, find out how to build a simple and clean KPI dashboard

Analysing sales data in Tableau

This hands on step by step course walks you through analysing sales data and presenting your findings in Tableau

Connecting to Excel data in Tableau

Find out how to get data from Excel into Tableau and how to connect to Microsoft Excel data sources

Connecting to data in Tableau

Find out how to connect to any data source in Tableau

Drag and drop data into Tableau

Find out how you can drag and drop any data file straight into Tableau
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